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Get Paid!
Domain names are being registered at a rate of more than 5 million names every 3 months. By enabling your customers to search and register domain names from your web site, you add value to your customer's online experience and get paid for your referrals! Join forces with Ac6.net and offer your customers domain name registration services today!

There are no membership fees to become an Ac6.net affiliate. There are no hidden monthly costs or prepay expenses. The total cost to become in affiliate is about 10 minutes of your time.

Limit Your Liability
The domain look-up box placed on your web site will enable your customers to search the shared registry and secure domain names in real time. This means you no longer have to manually register domains and take the chance someone else will register the name before your customer does. Since the Ac6.net registration process is automated and done in real time your exposure to liability is limited.

Keep Your Credit
Ac6.net processes your customer's credit card instead of yours. Why risk non-payment or pay for somebody else's domain name? By charging the end-customer directly (charges appear on their statement as "Domain Registration"), Ac6.net frees up your credit for the bills you need to pay to keep your business functioning. 

Secure Tracking System
Our affiliate programs pay you for every customer that registers a domain name through your site. Our secure tracking system makes it easy to view your account balances and registration history online and ensures that you will be paid for every order on a monthly basis. 

Getting Started
To get started registering domain names from your Web site, simply become an affiliate . The application process is easy. You will receive confirmation by e-mail that your application has been approved and you can start registering domains immediately! 

Please direct your questions regarding our services to here.

Getting Paid:

Ac6.net pays commissions on a monthly basis by check in US dollars. Ac6.net sends out commission checks approximatley 45 days after the month for payment of affiliate commissions. EXAMPLE: January commissions would be sent by March 15th. You must have more than $50.00 accumulated in your account in order for a check to be cut. Any amount in your account less than $50.00 is rolled over to the next month.


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$100/year for a phone number
Numbers available in 30 countries. The caller only pays standard local rates to call you and not international rates.

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